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By Kian Gohar + Jeremy Utley

Can you speak fluent AI?

We found the most creative teams treat AI as a conversation partner, rather than as an oracle. They talk to AI, like they would with colleagues. But most people treat AI like a search engine, because they've been conditioned to the user interface of the search box. As a result, they get underwhelming results. So we built Drill Coach AI to help you learn to talk fluently with AI.

Drill Coach AI is a SaaS training tool that helps all your employees develop Conversational AI fluency at scale.

Coach is a software plug-in to Slack or MS Teams, and delivers automated, personalized training to uplevel your team’s AI skills in a safe, walled garden without security risk:

  • Daily micro-learning prompt exercises to practice leveraging AI in relevant tasks.

  • If employees get stuck, each drill has a short video to walk them through the task.

  • 2 coaching channels: a community channel where all team members can share daily learnings, and a one-to-one channel for private instruction with AI experts.

Don’t invest in MS Co-Pilot or other expensive enterprise-grade AI without training your team at scale! The vast majority of employees don't know how to productively leverage AI. They're either afraid of it, or uncomfortable learning new tech skills. But it's not the tech that matters, it's the human approach to using it! Coach is the easiest way to train your entire team to become AI fluent.

10X your team's AI skills in 10 days with Coach AI!

"I got hooked on the exercises — completely changes how I’ll use AI moving forward. Coach is a game changer for learning how to use AI for my job most effectively.”
— VP of Technology

What if AI fluency improves your teamwork?

Teams that mastered conversational AI increased team confidence by 21%! Learn how to talk fluently with AI and you'll supercharge your teamwork. Who doesn't want that?

5 steps to better ideas

We uncovered 5 game-changing steps to unlock AI's prowess in problem solving, and we want to share them with you. Wonder why this website is called FIXIT? What are we fixing? FIXIT represents the 5 steps to better Human-AI collaboration.

"If you outsource your thought-process to AI, you'll get mediocre results. But if you integrate AI as a co-pilot, you'll get exponential results."
CEO, EDP Innovation

About Us

Jeremy Utley

Stanford University

Jeremy Utley is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, where he co-founded the’s widely popular program “Stanford’s Masters of Creativity.” For over 13 years, he served as Director of Executive Education. His instruction, including the “Creativity and Design Thinking Certificate” from Stanford’s Center for Professional Development, has been experienced by nearly 1,000,000 innovation students worldwide. He’s a General Partner at Freespin Capital and host of The Paint & Pipette Podcast. In 2023, he was named a top ten global innovation leader by Thinkers50 for his recent book "Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters." He graduated from Stanford Business School.

Kian Gohar

Singularity University

Kian Gohar is a futurist, bestselling author and CEO of Geolab, an innovation research and leadership development firm. A former executive director of the XPRIZE Foundation and Singularity University, Kian has coached the leadership teams of dozens of Fortune 500 companies on innovation, leadership and the future of work. In 2022, he co-wrote the Wall Street Journal bestselling book "Competing in the New World of Work" with Keith Ferrazzi, which was published by Harvard Business Review. He is regularly featured in global media, and is a sought-after keynote speaker for marquee events globally like the World Economic Forum and South By Southwest. He graduated from the Harvard Business School.

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